Song:Expo 2016

New regional camp in April and national, nordic (!) and international camp in June!

If you want to participate, apply HERE!


Trondheim Song:Expo is an exclusive co-writing camp located in the town Trondheim in the middle of Norway.

We are inviting million selling writers, A&R’s and publishers from all over the world for a special co-writing workshop, aiming to cut songs for worldwide #1 artists.

With top level songwriters from USA, UK, Asia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, we hope to trigger maximum output and create million selling hits. We also have a local writing camp aiming to help local talents get to the next level.

The international A&R’s and publishers will provide leads from the major labels such as Universal, Sony and Warner.
Songs will only be pitched to the markets in USA, Europe and Asia.

Song:Expo is an excellent networking opportunity for music business professionals, as well as a great place for the songwriters to find future writing partners.

Trondheim Song:Expo 2015; prices:
Regional Camp – 400 NOK
National Camp – 800 NOK
Nordic Camp – 800 NOK
International Camp – 1500 NOK

These prices include all courses, catering and equipment you will need during the camp.

We can also help you with accommodation during your stay.

Apply to attend the regional camp before 1st of april.

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