Apply to attend Song:Expo 2017

New national, nordic and international camp in June – July!

Apply to attend the National Camp before the16th of may and the Nordic Camp before the 23rd of May. If you want to participate, apply HERE!


Trondheim Song:Expo is an exclusive co-writing camp located in the town Trondheim in the middle of Norway.

National Camp: 27th of June – 29th of June  (Meet & Greet the 26th of June)
Nordic Camp: 30th of June – 2nd of July  (Meet & Greet the 29th of June)
International Camp: 3rd of July – 6 of July  (Meet & Greet the 2nd of July)

We are inviting million selling writers, A&R’s and publishers from all over the world for a special co-writing workshop, aiming to cut songs for worldwide #1 artists.

With top level songwriters from USA, UK, Asia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, we hope to trigger maximum output and create million selling hits. International A&R’s and publishers will provide leads from the major labels such as Universal, Sony and Warner.

Song:Expo is an excellent networking opportunity for music business professionals, as well as a great place for the songwriters to find future writing partners.

Trondheim Song:Expo 2017; prices:
National Camp – 800 NOK
Nordic Camp – 800 NOK
International Camp – 1500 NOK

These prices include all courses, catering and equipment you will need during the camp.

We can also help you with accommodation during your stay.


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